Nutrition and Education Projects of Ekta Foundation

Ekta Foundation is working tirelessly in improvement of child Nutrition and Education, currently EF has 3 schools where it is focusing on:
  • Infrastructure development keeping child psychology in mind
  • Mobile App based nutrition monitoring system and child growth promotion programs with Mid-Day Meal
  • Each month EF takes Anthropometric measurements of children of age 6 months to 5 years (Height, Weight & MUAC)
  • Process improvement by integrating mobile app-based school management system
  • Establishing Toy banks in schools
  • Establishing libraries in the schools
  • Teachers training on academy and mandatory computer education
Apart from above Ekta Foundation also covers:
  • Giving remedial coaching to Std 1st to 8th students who cannot READ-WRITE- CALCULATE basic things.
  • Character Development for Students: Last one-year EF has started character development for students apart from remedial teaching.

EF has one Primary School in Purulia West Bengal and one Secondary School in Najafgarh, New Delhi and a Remedial Education center at Jhajjar

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