Our Model of Skilling

Ekta Model of Skilling

The model is holistic in its approach towards delivering solutions for both the trainees and the employers. It starts with Need Analysis which is an assessment of the following

Local economy

Understanding of the local industries, employment opportunities within and outside the local area, growth potential for the existing opportunities, profiling the leading national and local organizations working in the area etc.

Target Group

Profiling the target community and the potential beneficiaries, assessment of the existing strengths & aspirations, aptitude for training etc.

Training Need

Assessment of the existing qualities and outlining the gaps with respect to the requirement of the industries in terms of job skills and soft skills Based on the findings of the initial assessment and with secondary data a detailed plan for implementation of a training program is designed which focuses on two main aspects:

Skills in demand

Through focus groups, employer interviews, market analysis a detailed analysis & assessment of the skill-sets required to access entry level opportunities in the job market are done. This helps in ascertaining the major skills in which training needs to be given to potential beneficiaries.

Developing the skills

A detailed training module is developed with inputs from the various sectors, based on the findings a detailed training module in developed.